You are planning to immigrate to the United States.  With more than 70 different visa types and even more conditions required to obtain them, you need qualified support to make the right immigration, investment and installation decisions.

Our firm, L&F Investor Services, specializes in assisting immigrant investors to make the most suitable choices for their visa business venture.  One of our unique offerings is the matching of investment partners, who join their investment capacities in one corporation, and can therefore obtain visas for both families with a lower initial investment.  This option is open to our gold and E-2 members of the investment club and to direct consulting clients.

You can either choose to contact us directly for consulting sessions (on an hourly basis of $350) or become a member of our L&F Investment Club, giving you access to all steps and tools to prepare your file. For E-2 Visa applicants, we propose an all-inclusive package, with unlimited coaching sessions (details here).  The full list of our relocation and installation services is detailed here.

E -2

The most popular investment visa choice of our clients is the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, open to over 80 nationalities (you can find the full list of all eligible countries here).  The E-2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa, which will allow you to stay for a defined period of time with your family in the USA (usually between 2 and 5 years) and you can renew the Visa as long as your E-2 business is operational.  We offer you all the business services necessary to successfully obtain (and in the future renew) your E-2 Visa.

Our services include help for your Corporation set up (choice of company status, set up procedures and filings) in the state you want to live and operate, the assessment of the purchase or set up of the Visa qualifying business and assistance in writing an Immigration level business plan.


EB-1c and EB-5

The investment in the EB-1c and EB-5 Visa is the most rapid path to the US Green Card, and open to nearly all nationalities.  Investments can either be made in pooled passive ventures (“Regional Centers”) or in actively managed directly held corporations.

The passive investments in Regional Centers need thorough financial analysis and due diligence to display all your possible risks, as you are required to put 500.000 USD or 1.000.000 USD at risk.  If you are considering investing in a regional center, contact us directly to discuss the best strategy to protect your money.

For active EB-1c and EB-5 investments, you can choose to join our investment club or obtain direct consulting services, in the same manner in which we serve E-2 investors.