L & F Investor Services is an investment analysis and consulting firm, focusing on assisting international investors with their business set up and relocation to the United States of America. Each of our clients has a very different profile and background, we are therefore offering personalized services from the moment of the decision taking to the installation in the USA. Our clients can subscribe to our consulting services on an hourly or on an all-inclusive package basis.

L & F Investor Services is a Registered Immigration Consultant with the California Secretary of State and has subscribed a surety bond of 100.000 USD (Immigration Consultant Surety Bond n° CA802816, to view : Surety Bond 2019).

Alexandra MERZ – Founder and CEO1-9H1A6749-Alexandra

After her international studies in London and Germany, Alexandra’s professional career began in Finance in a Parisian trading room, where she was fund manager, in charge of the biggest European investment fund portfolio. Her next career steps included a senior position at a global rating agency, responsible for all real estate fund ratings in Europe, before creating her own companies in Berlin, the South of France and in the USA, where she moved on an E-2 Visa with her family. Her expertise, service oriented approach and the understanding of business administration and finance are of great value to L & F’s clients. She speaks English, French and German and is mother of five children. Alexandra explains her motivations: “My broad financial background both in investment banking and the rating industry, as well as my hands-on real estate and business creation skills, paired with two successful international moves (from Germany to France and now to the USA as an E-2 investor), allow me to share my personal experience and to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients.  Financial analysis has always been a key element in my career choices. Today, this is beneficial to our clients who are considering an E-2 or EB-5 Investment. My thorough and analytical view will allow our clients to know all possible future opportunities and threats, so that they can undergo this investment and life-changing adventure in an as educated manner as possible.”

Michel Houglet – Senior AdvisorP1010174

Michel initially studied at Ecole Centrale de Paris and holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Finance at the University of California at Berkeley. He co-founded the financial analysis company BARRA where he developed high-level sophisticated portfolio financial analysis methodologies and software and pursued his career in the past 20 years as a consultant to the most prestigious financial services companies. He is an avid investor in the restaurant, food and wine industry and one of the best connoisseurs of international gourmet food and wine. His international and rational view on investments and his incessant logistic support are precious added values to the investment and service aspects of L & F Investor Services. Michel speaks English, French and Italian.Michel highlights the strengths of L&F’s approach: “Investors desiring to come to the United States often feel isolated and dependent on only immigration lawyer’s advice, which is only seldom business orientated.  Our firm grew on personal experience and today allows accomplished entrepreneurs to find their US business strategy to settle in this great country.  I am delighted to be able to share my extensive expertise with our clients, to guide them and help them live their American Dream.”