Our firm is a full service organization, not only helping you to make the right investment choice and managing your immigration file, but also caring about the installation of your family in your new country.

Let us deal with the different service providers, to ensure consistency and make your move as enjoyable as possible.

You can count on our continued support to advise you and to mobilize our network in order to help you:

  • Find the best suitable language training
  • Open your private bank accounts at the local US bank
  • Get best advice for currency management
  • Prepare and organize your move and custom forms
  • Contact international relocation companies who are capable to service your household
  • Find temporary or permanent housing and insurance, get utility subscriptions organized
  • Find temporary storage, if needed
  • Prepare the choices of local schools and help you with the registration of your children
  • Organize pet relocation
  • Get advice for the family travel on D day, including organization of airport drop off and pick-up
  • Get prepared for the initial days by providing your welcome package (including useful websites and telephone numbers, babysitting and child-minding services, transport, local shops and restaurants, maid service, handyman services, TV, cable, broadband and telephone providers)
  • Set up your mobile phone accounts in the USA
  • Choose your Health Insurance, register with doctors and care-providers
  • Prepare your local network of service providers
  • Enroll you and your family with your Home Embassy
  • Prepare the documents to obtain your Social Security card
  • Organize spousal support, including the preparation of the US work authorization
  • Purchase your car, get insurance and provide assistance obtaining your US Driver’s License
  • Best integrate the US culture
  • With continued telephone support throughout your stay in the United States