Your project to invest in the United States is an important, life-changing decision.  You can count on our support, time and professionalism to assist you with your investment in your best interest.

Our firm is specialized in helping investors find the adequate business venture, which will enable them in a second time to apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant investor visa for the United States.

Immigration based on investments can be either immigrant (obtaining the green card) or non-immigrant (obtaining multi-year visas):

  • EB-5 immigrant investments – financial and business analysis only:

For  direct EB-5 investments (in your own actively managed corporations), please contact us to discuss your qualifications.

For indirect EB-5 investments, known as the pooled “Regional Center” vehicles, a thorough financial analysis and due diligence is necessary and we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

  • E-2 treaty investments, which is often the most appropriate non-immigrant visa for investors purchasing an existing business, opening a franchise business or establishing a start-up venture in the U.S.

To qualify for an E-2 visa, the key requirements are defined by USCIS as :

Substantial Investment: This is not defined in dollar terms, but is related to the amount normally required to purchase or develop a similar existing business or establish a new business and varies substantially from one type of business to another.

Non-Marginal Investment: You must demonstrate that the business in which you are investing will generate more than enough income to support your family, and will contribute to the economy, usually by employing US workers.

Active Investment: Your business must be a fully operating business rather than just a business project or concept. Passive investments, such as ownership of real estate or stocks and bonds do not qualify.

You as the investor must be the Source of Funds. Personal loans from relatives or friends can be considered part of the investment as long as the business is not collateral for the loan.

You can either choose to contact us directly for consulting sessions (on an hourly basis of $350) or subscribe to our all-inclusive packages with coaching sessions adapted to your needs (details here).