To your insurance broker :

Dear xxx,

can you please advise whether our insurance cover includes business interruption or any other matter that could help us deal with the current situation?
We rely on you to let us know (now and in the coming future), whether there are any measures that should be taken to file a claim, and greatly appreciate your help.

Sincerely, and please keep well,

To your business landlord, copy your property manager :

Dear xxx,

In these very troubled circumstances, I must let you know that our company is facing unprecedented difficulties.

We need your help to be able to tackle the challenge and are obliged to ask you to work with us on solutions for the coming rent payments.

We so appreciate our xxx (office space / restaurant location / etc, include exact address) and want you to know that as soon as business is back to normal, we will resume regular payments and work with you to resolve the outstanding situation. We do understand that this situation must be difficult for you too and sincerely hope that we can work together to find the best suitable situation.

You can reach me on my mobile (xxx-xxx-xxxx) or by email anytime and we commit to keeping you informed.

Please do know how much we appreciate your help and our business relationship. And we hope that you, your team and your families are keeping safe and healthy.


To your private landlord :

Dear xxx (property manager ou landlord),

I’m sure you’ve seen what a mess our world and its economy has become and probably for quite a while.

Given our business everything has stopped and income is inexistant.

I was wondering if we could ask to reduce our monthly payment to $ xxx for the next two months.

I believe that 2 months from now we’ll be able to resume the regular $ xxx payments.

Thank you very much for your understanding and be assured that your help and consideration are very much appreciated.

Warm regards and please, you and your family, keep well,


To your franchisor:

Dear xxx,

Given the very dire circumstances, we would greatly appreciate if you could consider reducing or even better waiving the minimum royalty payments for the current and next month.

We are in this together and you know how much we appreciate being part of the xxx (here franchise name) family.  You can count on us as soon as business is back to normal and we will be happy to resume full payment as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for considering this, and we do know that these are hard times for your company as well. Thank you for all the support and please stay well, you, your family and the team.