Jean-Luc Meoli, Legal Counsel, Rosemont Monaco, French national:

“Alexandra and I have been doing business over years, sharing the same international clients desiring the most efficient investment methods, both financially and tax-driven. Alexandra has always been highly professional and knowledgeable. Our common clients appreciated her personal involvement and international experience. Her files were always perfectly prepared and allowed us to work trustfully and efficiently for the best benefit of our clients. I have no hesitation recommending her.”

Vania Schleef Costa, Business Relationship Manager, Italian national:

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Alexandra to prospective clients, who may be looking for a reliable visa counselor. I have known Alexandra for many years. She is very professional and able to understand quickly and efficiently any new developments and challenges. Alexandra is a very smart and trustworthy person.”

Yolande Bridger, Director at Luxury Living Ltd, South African national:

“I have worked with Alexandra for many years and have found her to be exceedingly professional, diligent and trustworthy, in all our business dealings. I highly recommend Alexandra.”

Frank Heimsaat, Partner at Deutscher Lombard GmbH, German national:

”Alexandra’s professionalism and drive allowed for her business branch to take off and in only a few months it became a very profitable business. Her analytical skills and trustworthiness were always appreciated by all market participants. She is a true leader and very efficient in structuring both the medium term goals as well as the daily work flow. I would highly recommend Alexandra.”

Erik Hansen, Chairman Myriad Group AG, Danish national:

“We experienced L&F as an extremely trustworthy company, helping us with all administrative and legal requirements when settling into our new home. I am delighted to recommend Alexandra and her team.”

Sam Theodore, Managing Director Scope Ratings, UK national:

“I worked with Alexandra at Moody’s and was able then to appreciate her acumen in investment analysis and entrepreneurial spirit – which is a rare optimal combination. I remember her as a very results-driven professional with high standards and self-requirements and also achieving a lot consistently. I would definitely engage in business activities and transactions with her.”

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